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Use our Alloy Wheel Finder™ above to Search for Alloy Wheels and Tyres for your chosen Vehicle. We offer the Widest Range of Alloy Wheels & Tyres in Europe to ensure you get the perfect set for your BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Ford or Skoda to name a few ! Our Alloy Wheel Experts™ will Ensure your Chosen Wheels or Tyres are perfect for your Car, Van or 4x4.

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Where do you ship to ?

We ship worldwide.

How much is shipping?

UK & Northern Ireland: Shipping is FREE on all orders of 4 wheels, 4 tyres or 4 wheels & tyres fitted within Mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Exceptions apply to Highlands & Islands, remote areas etc. you can view these at checkout.

Rest of the World: To find out the cost of delivery you first need to add the products which you are interested in, to the shopping basket. At the checkout stage you will be asked for which country you want the goods shipped to. When you select your country, the delivery price will be displayed. To find your country please select the currency most relevant:

  • Europe including Norway and Sweden select Euros €,
  • Australia or New Zealand – Select AU$,
  • Rest of the World – Select US$

We will contact you by phone or email to confirm that everything is ok with your order and inform you of the delivery date, before it is dispatched.

How long does Delivery Take?

Depending on stock location, delivery can take up to 5 working days. Normal delivery is 2 - 4 working days UK & Ireland, 3 - 7 working days Rest of World. Wheel & tyre packages can take longer. We pull stock from many different warehouses and factories in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Japan as such delivery times can vary as do stock levels for wheels and tyres. As always, we aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible !

Further Information on Delivery is Available: Here




A set of alloy wheels will improve the appearance of your vehicle and in so doing will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Alloy wheels will reduce the unstrung weight of a vehicle compared to one fitted with standard steel wheels. The benefit of reduced unstrung weight is more precise steering as well as a nominal reduction in fuel consumption.

Alloy is an excellent conductor of heat, improving heat dissipation from the brakes, reducing the risk of brake failure under demanding driving conditions.

When selling alloy wheels applying the “inch up principle”, there is an improvement in the steering response and road holding, especially when cornering.


Firstly the wheel must appeal to the customer.

In order for the wheel to offer the benefits expected from it, it must be manufactured to fit properly. There are four aspects that are critical for precise fitment namely:

  • P.C.D. (Pitch Circle Diameter)
  • Offset
  • Centre Bore
  • Diameter

Alloy Wheel Warranty Information

All alloy wheels which we sell come with a 1 year warranty. This covers faults in the wheel which is caused by manufacturing problems. Here at Performance Alloys we ensure that all the alloy wheels we sell are made to the highest quality. If you have a warranty claim regarding your alloy wheel please contact us. Please note: There is no warranty on chrome or polished finishes.

It is helpful if you can e-mail us pictures of your wheel, this usually helps to speed up the process in rectifying the problem.

Purchasing & Fitting Information

By purchasing alloy wheels and or tyres from Performance you are fully responsible for the fitting and installation of these alloy wheels and or tyres correctly. Performance / Toshe Trading Ltd does not take any responsibility for incorrectly fitted alloy wheels or tyres, and as such are not liable for any claims. We highly recommend that in order to ensure the safe use of your alloy wheels and tyres that you follow our Alloy Wheel Installation Check List Below:

Before fitting tyres on all aftermarket wheels you MUST check:

  1. The stud/bolt hole pattern is correct.

  2. That the alloy wheel fits freely on to the hub without interference, and that there are no screws, rivets or retaining clips which may interfere with a firm flat location of the hub against the wheel mounting face.

  3. That the alloy wheel rotates freely and truly on both front and rear hubs.

  4. When fastened to the hub, that no part of the wheel can make contact with the brake drums or callipers; or any other part of the steering or suspension.

Check Nuts/Bolts: Correct fitting is vital BE SURE:

  1. That the thread form is correct (fits nuts without alloy wheels).

  2. That the nut/bolt location seating is correct.

  3. That the stud length is adequate for minimum thread penetration of approximately 1 x stud diameter and not too long as to permit bottoming of the stud in the nut or that the thread penetration of the bolt protrudes through the hub housing to cause damage to internal brake or hub components.

  4. That the threads are rust free, and not over lubricated

  5. When sleeve nuts are used, that the shank diameter is correct and that the bearing washers are always used.

When Fitting the Tyre Make Sure:

  1. That the alloy wheel rim size is compatible with tyre size.

  2. Be Wary of scratching the protective lacquer coating. (On aluminium wheels and some chrome wheels) Aluminium corrodes very easily once exposed to atmosphere, water, road salt or corrosive acid based alloy wheel cleaners and chemicals.

  3. Where possible always use the adhesive type of balance weight, as these help to avoid scratching of the alloy wheel finish.

Finally Check:

  1. That the alloy wheel and tyre assembly does not contact any part of the suspension, body work or internal hub components (brakes, sensors etc) by carrying out full bump and lock to lock tests as well as a full visual inspection of the back / hub section of the alloy wheel fixing assembly before driving away from the fitting bay.

Do not take risks - Wheel Security is vital check with us if you have any doubts.

We would also recommend that after a period of around 20miles that you check your wheels to ensure security as some alloy wheels may need time to bed in correctly.

Alloy Wheel Care

In order to maintain the finish on your alloy wheels it is recommended that you use a soap and water based solution. Such alloy wheel cleaners can contain chemicals which with excessive use will deteriorate the finish on your alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Wax

Alloy Wheel Wax

We do offer alloy wheel care products such as alloy Wheel Wax which is available to purchase:

WheelWax is the only wax for wheels. It cleans, restores and protects in one step!. WheelWax is easy to apply, dries to a haze and buffs to a high shine. WheelWax changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel brake dust particles.

Wheel Wax

WheelWax leaves an unbelievably smooth shine on your wheels that brake dust and moisture can't penetrate. This protective coating also makes cleaning your wheels a snap next time you wash your wheels.


The cost of one tub of WheelWax is £24.99 when purchased with alloy wheels or £29.99 when purchased separately.

A great deal of time and effort went into the development of Wheel Wax in order to make it the best product for protecting your wheels. There are no ingredients in WheelWax that are harmful to wheels or the finish. WheelWax is heat treated for long lasting protection and formulated for ease of application. Just wipe on, let dry to a haze and wipe off. For maximum shine, rinse with cool water and buff to a high shine. After 24 hours, WheelWax changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel the brake dust. This also makes the wheels easy to clean.

WheelWax actually has a great cleaner in the formula which allows you to clean off brake dust and apply the great WheelWax protective shine in one easy step. Simply rub WheelWax directly on to each dirty wheel and let it dry to a haze. Usually by the time you have applied WheelWax to .

If you need any further information on alloy wheel care or on alloy wheels and the benefits of alloy wheels please feel free to give our alloy wheel and tyre experts a call, we are here to help and advise you on everything related to alloy wheels, from picking the perfect set of alloy wheels for your car to choosing the correct size of alloy wheels and tyres for your car. Feel free to read our Customer Feedback Section for information on what our customers have said about the Award Winning Service we offer to meet the needs of our customers.

Helpful Performance Alloys Staff
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