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Where do you ship to ?

We ship worldwide.

How much is shipping?

UK & Northern Ireland: Shipping is FREE on all orders of 4 wheels, 4 tyres or 4 wheels & tyres fitted within Mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Exceptions apply to Highlands & Islands, remote areas etc. you can view these at checkout.

Rest of the World: To find out the cost of delivery you first need to add the products which you are interested in, to the shopping basket. At the checkout stage you will be asked for which country you want the goods shipped to. When you select your country, the delivery price will be displayed. To find your country please select the currency most relevant:

  • Europe including Norway and Sweden select Euros €,
  • Australia or New Zealand – Select AU$,
  • Rest of the World – Select US$

We will contact you by phone or email to confirm that everything is ok with your order and inform you of the delivery date, before it is dispatched.

How long does Delivery Take?

Depending on stock location, delivery can take up to 5 working days. Normal delivery is 2 - 4 working days UK & Ireland, 3 - 7 working days Rest of World. Wheel & tyre packages can take longer. We pull stock from many different warehouses and factories in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Japan as such delivery times can vary as do stock levels for wheels and tyres. As always, we aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible !

Further Information on Delivery is Available: Here


Wheel Nuts and Wheel Bolts

We offer a wide range of wheel Nuts and wheel Bolts including longer wheel bolts for use with spacers. All our wheel nuts and bolts are designed for use with alloy wheels. Our wide range of wheel nuts and bolts have all been made in Italy or Germany to a very high standard and are TÜV approved.

Whether you just want to replace your existing wheel nuts / wheel bolts because they have become corded or damaged, or if you need longer wheel bolts for use with wheel spacers we have them in stock ready to ship to you.

Select your car
Expert Wheel Nut & Bolt Finder

*We can only give our recommended wheel nut or bolt & thread type for your chosen vehicle based on the information we have, this search feature is not 100% accurate (it’s close), as such we always recommend you confirm the size of nut / bolt you require before placing an order. If you are unsure of the wheel nut or bolt specifications you require, have a read below for further information and what to look out for:


It is important that you know exactly, the following information to ensure you order the correct wheel nuts or wheel bolts, as wheels nuts / bolts are sold as per these specifications and are non-returnable / sold as a custom order.

What you Need to know

HEX The main HEX sizes or wheel nut / wheel bolt head sizes available are: 17mm, 19mm and 21mm. Not all HEX sizes are available in all thread types. It is worthwhile finding out what your current hex size is so that your new wheel nuts or wheel bolts will be compatible in size with the sockets, spanners which are supplied with your cars spare wheel, thus ensuring that you can remove them with your existing tools in the event of a flat tyre at the side of the road.

THREAD TYPE We offer M12x1.25, M12x1.5, M12x1.75, M14x1.5, M14x2 and 1/2UNF. These thread types cover over 90% of cars available in the UK and Ireland, if you are unable to find out what type of thread type you need please give us a call and we can recommend what is the standard for you model of car. You can also purchase a Thread Pitch Guide which will help you determine what thread type your wheel nuts or wheel bolts are

THREAD LENGTH (BOLTS) If you are simply replacing your existing bolts with new ones please measure accurately the thread length on your existing bolt to ensure you order the correct replacement ones. If you need longer wheel bolts than normal please measure the total bolt length you require accurately. We offer a wide range of bolt thread lengths from 19mm, up to 73mm. Note: Not all these thread lengths are available in every hex and thread type combination, you can use our Wheel Nuts & Bolts Finder to see what is available in your specifications.


There are three main wheel nut / wheel bolt seating types, different companies / suppliers sometimes refer to them buy different names, but in essence there are 3 main ones:

60 Degree / Taper / Cone

This is the most popular wheel nut or bolt seating type for aftermarket wheels.

Radius Seat / Ball Seat / Round Seat

Popular seating type for OE (Original Equipment) wheels, or aftermarket wheels which are designed to use OE bolts / nuts, for example popular vehicles that use Radius seat are: VW, Audi, Seat, Mercedes, Skoda, Porsche etc.

Flat Seat

You will find flat seating Bolts are popular on Citroen, Peugeot and flat seating Nuts are popular on Toyota, Lexus and Land Rover vehicles fitted with OE (Original Equipment) wheels or aftermarket wheels which are designed to use OE bolts / nuts, otherwise the wheels would be designed to use 60’ taper nuts or bolts.

From the examples above you can see these different nut / bolt seating types. The correct nut / bolt seating type is required to ensure that the new nut or bolt seats correctly in your alloy wheel. Note: Most wheel nuts & bolts are available in the same seating types, but may not be available in the same thread types.

Safety It is not recommended to use the wrong nut or bolt seating type, as such takes no responsibility for this… it’s up to You the customer to always check you are using the correct nut or bolt. Do not compromise on Safety… if you are unsure ask and expert!


In the diagram below you will see the three main bolt seating types. From this diagram you will be able to compare your original wheel nuts or bolts to find out what type of seating you have, as well as how to measure your thread length if you require a bolt.

The diagram depicts bolts as an example; nuts will also have similar seating, and if a nut height is listed this is the total height of the wheel nut.


We also have a wide range of special slimline, turner nuts and bolts. These are used when there is not enough space in the bolt hole to fit a standard wheel nut or bolt and or to fit a socket to tighten or remove, in this case Turner or Slimline nuts are used. Turner wheel nuts or bolts require a key which is inserted into the wheel bolt head in order to remove or tighten them. There are many different types of drive for these turner nuts, at performance alloys we use the spline / star drive option as per the pictures listed.

What Diameters are Available

We currently stock both turner bolts and turner nuts in an overall diameter of 20mm or 23mm.

Delivery Information

Delivery is by courier normally DHL, TNT, UPS etc. unfortunately due to the nature of this product, once any wheel nuts or wheel bolts have been ordered and supplied correctly as per the specifications listed on our website we cannot accept any nuts or bolts back for return.

All wheels nuts and bolts are a custom order to your specifications. As such it is very important that you ensure you order the correct type of nuts or bolts for your car at the start.

Helpful Performance Alloys Staff
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