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We ship worldwide.

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UK & Northern Ireland: Shipping is FREE on all orders of 4 wheels, 4 tyres or 4 wheels & tyres fitted within Mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Exceptions apply to Highlands & Islands, remote areas etc. you can view these at checkout.

Rest of the World: To find out the cost of delivery you first need to add the products which you are interested in, to the shopping basket. At the checkout stage you will be asked for which country you want the goods shipped to. When you select your country, the delivery price will be displayed. To find your country please select the currency most relevant:

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We will contact you by phone or email to confirm that everything is ok with your order and inform you of the delivery date, before it is dispatched.

How long does Delivery Take?

Depending on stock location, delivery can take up to 5 working days. Normal delivery is 2 - 4 working days UK & Ireland, 3 - 7 working days Rest of World. Wheel & tyre packages can take longer. We pull stock from many different warehouses and factories in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Japan as such delivery times can vary as do stock levels for wheels and tyres. As always, we aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible !

Further Information on Delivery is Available: Here


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

At Performance® we offer a tyre pressure monitoring system for tyre pressure monitoring. It is made by Schrader Electronics which supplies tyre pressure systems as standard original equipment for the following car manufacturers:

BMW   Chrysler
Mercedes Benz   Suzuki
Mitsubishi   SAAB
Volvo   Infinity
Peugeot   Daimler Chrysler
Ford   Daewoo
Renault   Citroen
Nissan   Opel
Alfa Romeo   Lancia
General Motors   Fiat

As we have tried and tested many different tyre pressure systems for tyre pressure monitoring, we found the AirAware™ system by Schrader Electronics to be the best for a number of reasons:

  • Wireless system
  • Superior quality as used on many cars as standard equipment
  • Small easy to use display which is battery operated (does not require external power from other sources e.g. cigarette lighter as with other systems)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can monitor your spare tyre as well
  • Standard rubber valve stem
  • UK designed and manufactured

To Purchase an AirAware TPMS at £220.00 Delivered, via PayPal please Click Here to Purchase or Call us to Order by Phone

As a result of these findings Performance® recommend the AirAware™ tyre pressure monitoring system.

What is a Tyre Pressure System ?

A tyre pressure system like AirAware™ is designed to monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres. This sensor continually sends information about your tyre pressures and temperature to the receiver which you can keep anywhere in your car. The receiver has no wires and uses 2 AA batteries which are included. It is small and can be kept in your ashtray or anywhere in your car. It comes with Velcro pads which enable it to be secured in any area in your car. Other systems we tested are much larger and used power from the cigarette lighter. The AirAware system lets you check the tyre pressure and temperature of each wheel, and if it drops below a set pressure it will emit an alarm warning you. Ensuring that your tyres have the correct pressure is vital for a number of reasons.

One key reason why we decided to test different tyre pressure systems and offer them to our customers was because one of our sales team had low profile tyres fitted to his car (tyre size:234/40ZR18 Continental Sport Contact 3). He recently had a slow puncture. As he pointed out it was not easy to see that the tyre was underinflated. The result was that the tyre side wall had been damaged and the whole tyre had to be replaced. This would have been ok if the tyre had been used for 10,000 miles but unfortunately he had only drive 1,500 miles on it !

What is in the AirAware™ Tyre Pressure System ?

Additional Information on the AirAware Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

  • Retrofit kits install on vehicles not equipped with OE TPMS systems
  • Monitor tyre pressure in all four tyres and spare tyre
  • TPMS systems monitor correct tyre pressure to maintain vehicle performance and support safety
  • Fifth sensor sold separately (part no. 20154) for monitoring spare tyre
  • Battery operated and includes 2 AA batteries

Why Monitor Your Tyre Pressures?

Tyres are undoubtedly the most critical safety component on a vehicle, yet most drivers ignore them and assume all is well unless they appear flat – at which point it is too late!

The vital area of grip where rubber meets road affects a vehicle’s handling, steering, stability, traction and braking. Tyre failure, particularly at speed, can have serious consequences.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the USA estimates that the installation of tyre pressure monitoring systems, warning drivers of underinflated tyres, could prevent as many as 79 deaths and 10,365 injuries each year in the US alone.

TPMS Did you know?

  • Nearly 250,000 accidents per year occur in the United States alone are caused by low tyre pressure.
  • 75% of roadside flats tyres are preceded by a slow leak.
  • Americans could save $2 billion a year by cutting their fuel consumption by 10%. Or put another way, you could save $674 a year on fuel for your SUV just by keeping its tyres properly inflated.
  • Up to 40 per cent of European motorists are driving on underinflated tyres. This reduces their vehicle’s directional stability, decreases its fuel economy and increases the rate of tyre wear.
  • 80% of motorists in the UK fail to regularly check their tyres.
  • A tyre can lose up to half of its air pressure without appearing to be underinflated.
  • A 0.6 bar drop in pressure increases fuel consumption by 4%
  • A 0.6 bar drop in pressure reduces tyre life by 50%

The best tread designs and the most expensive tyres are nothing without the air that carries them along. Checking tyre pressure is a small investment in time compared to the costs of excessive tyre wear and fuel consumption caused by improper inflation.

Helpful Performance Alloys Staff
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