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Tyre Fitting and Balancing. All our fitting and balancing is carried out by fully trained professionals so that when fitting them to your vehicle there is complete piece of mind. We ensure that tyres are inflated to manufacture recommendations and that wheels are balanced with the weight distributed evenly. All this means that when you receive them they are ready to go straight onto the vehicle making it a quick and easy process.

The first stage of the F&B process to is clean and lubricate the wheels and tyres making sure there is minimal friction allowing them to be mounted cleanly. Tyres are then inflated to the correct PSI in order to ensure that they have been sealed correctly and the bead is securely within its groove.

After the first stage has ensured the wheels are sealed correctly it is then time for them to be balanced ensuring they rotate evenly and run true. This is carried out using a specalist machine that tracks the wheels rolling pattern with metal weights being added at precise points to ensure the wheel is perfect.

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Tyre Fitting and Balancing

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