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New Car Tyres Fitted - Best Tyre Fitters - Performance Alloys

When we talk about fitting and balancing a tyre to an alloy wheel what we mean is quite literally fitting the tyre to the wheel by means of special machinery, tools and techniques and then balancing the tyre and wheel using small weights to make sure that they rotate evenly.

So why does this need done? Simply put most wheels and tyres are mass produced meaning that there is generally small amounts of inaccuracy in them as you can expect, however we want to have the wheel and tyre matched 110% to make sure we get the best performance from them. To do this we put the wheel and tyre onto a special machine which rotates them at normal running speeds and “feels” for imbalances then once this is complete it feeds back information which tells us how much weight and where to put it to ensure perfection.

So now you know what it is, why should you get us to do it? Well what we offer is to have the wheels and tyres fitted and balanced by trained professionals and then shipped to your door ready for you to pop them straight onto the car. Simple, easy and accurate. No having to worry about getting wheels and tyres and move them to a 3rd party tyre fitter, especially if you are driving the likes of a 2 seat roadster! Better still if you are outside the UK it usually means that the shipping price for wheels and tyres is drastically cheaper as we are shipping 4 parcels instead of 8.


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