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Europe’s Largest Range of Alloy Wheels & Tyres™ Simply Enter Your Vehicle Details Above to Find Alloy Wheels which Fit Your Car, Van or SUV. Alloy Wheels & Tyre Packages Available including Winter tyres & Runflat Tyres. If you require any help of advice please call the Alloy Wheel Experts™

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Where do you ship to ?

We ship worldwide.

How much is shipping?

UK & Northern Ireland: Shipping is FREE on all orders of 4 wheels, 4 tyres or 4 wheels & tyres fitted within Mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Exceptions apply to Highlands & Islands, remote areas etc. you can view these at checkout.

Rest of the World: To find out the cost of delivery you first need to add the products which you are interested in, to the shopping basket. At the checkout stage you will be asked for which country you want the goods shipped to. When you select your country, the delivery price will be displayed. To find your country please select the currency most relevant:

  • Europe including Norway and Sweden select Euros €,
  • Australia or New Zealand – Select AU$,
  • Rest of the World – Select US$

We will contact you by phone or email to confirm that everything is ok with your order and inform you of the delivery date, before it is dispatched.

How long does Delivery Take?

Depending on stock location, delivery can take up to 5 working days. Normal delivery is 2 - 4 working days UK & Ireland, 3 - 7 working days Rest of World. Wheel & tyre packages can take longer. We pull stock from many different warehouses and factories in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Japan as such delivery times can vary as do stock levels for wheels and tyres. As always, we aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible !

Further Information on Delivery is Available: Here


Spigot Rings

At Performance we offer a wide range of spigot rings to fit many aftermarket alloy wheels. All our spigot rings are made in Europe to a very high quality ensuring the best possible fit for your alloy wheels. If you are looking for new or replacement spigot rings it is important to purchase them from a company who specialises in alloy wheels and has experience in this area.

How to Order Your Spigot rings

We have two simple search features to enable you to find the correct spigot rings for your alloy wheels: Search by Size if you know what size you need, or you can Search by Car Model, simply use which ever finder you wish:

OZ Racing Spigot Rings: If you require spigot rings for OZ Racing alloy wheels these can only be supplied in a full fitment kit. An OZ Racing fitting kit will consist of 4 new spigot rings and 16 /20 nuts or bolts depending on what your vehicle requires. If you require further information or would like to order an OZ Racing fitting kit please contact us.

Search for Spigot Rings by Car

Searching for spigot rings by car will display all the spigot rings which will fit your vehicles hub and have an outside diameter of what is displayed in the search results. You will need to know / measure accurately the diameter of the hole in the alloy wheel which you need to fit.


What are spigot rings

Spigot rings are used to centre the alloy wheel correctly and safely on the hub of your vehicle. If you have not installed spigot rings or have installed the wrong type of spigot rings your wheels will not be located 100% correctly on your car hub which will result in a vibration in your wheels when driving.

This can easily be felt through the steering wheel.

90% of aftermarket alloy wheels use spigot rings, some alloy wheels are manufactured in direct fitment for your cars hub size, normally these are Original Equipment or OE wheels but we also offer aftermarket wheels which do not require spigot rings. If the correct spigot rings are fitted correctly and in accordance with the wheel manufactures instructions they will ensure your wheels fit correctly.

How to fit spigot rings

To fit spigot rings you simply need to ensure the hole in the back of the alloy wheel is clean and does not already have a spigot ring inserted.

Please see picture below:

Once you have checked that the hole for the spigot ring is clean you need to insert the spigot ring in to the hole in the back of the alloy wheel to ensure that it fits securely and is flush with the mounting face of the alloy wheel. It is important to check that the spigot ring is flush with the mounting face of the alloy wheel; if this is not flush it can result in incorrect fitting of the wheel and not be safe for use.

Please note on some spigot rings there is a tapered edge which needs to face toward the hub of your car as this helps to guide the alloy wheel in to the correct position when mounting the alloy wheels to your hub. In the picture you will see a yellow spigot ring fitted correctly, please note there are many variations in spigot ring sizes and shapes but essentially they all do the same job.

Helpful Performance Alloys Staff
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