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Niche wheels have five categories: Sports Series: Cast Monoblock construction with no lip. Spokes extending from the centre to the outer edge of the lip allowing for maximum concavity, aggressive staggered fitments, and large caliper upgrades. Touring Series: One Piece cast wheels designed with a concave or convex face profile. Racing Series: cast monoblock construction designed with performance in mind. NR series wheels are strong, light, and accept large brake caliper upgrades.

Niche 3-piece forged wheels are custom made in the U.S.A. Using the finest materials and techniques, every set is custom tailored from start to finish meeting your desired fitment. Ranging from 18 inch to 26 inch in any profile. Engineered, built, and finished at their in-house manufacturing plant in the USA. Monotec: The ultimate in custom wheel manufacturing, monotek wheels are cut from a single block of 6061-T6 forged aluminium allowing for the best combination of strength and light weight. Monotek wheels are built to push your high performance vehicle to its limits.

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