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Konig wheels are one of the most recognisable aftermarket wheel brands in the world. For over 35 years Konig has set their standards high and watched enthusiasts from all over the world embrace not only their wheel styles but also the lifestyle that comes along with them. The story of Konig is far more then all the wheels they make. The real story of Konig is about car enthusiasts who are behind every design, every wheel, and every aspect of the automotive tuning lifestyle.

In addition to their own wheel brands (Konig, Maxxim, Bravado Performance, Privat, and Mamba Off-road) Konig also manufactures wheels for use by OEMs as well some of the largest wheel brands all over the world. Always on the cutting edge of wheel technology, and continually improving, Konig has become a leader in offering consumers Flow Forming Technology for wheels.

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